Filter Chambers

  • Polypropylene, CPVC, PVDF, stainless steel
  • Flow rates 0 to 60,000 l/hr
  • Cartridge lengths: 10’’, 20’’, 30’’ & 40’’
  • Filter media: Cartridge, discs or filter bags
  • Pressure gauge and vent valve as standard
  • Swing bolt cover design with st/stl top bracket
  • Drain port for emptying solution prior to media removal
  • Filter chamber housing 18 x 30" cartridges

Alongside our range of Filtration Systems, Empire offer a series of standalone filter chambers. Our assortment of filter chambers mimics our filtration system options, in terms of materials of construction, number of cartridges and height of the filter chambers.

The design is ideal for inline filtration where an existing pump may be used to transfer the solution through the filter chamber. The filter chambers can be individually supplied or combined and mounted in series offering step down filtration or alternatively in parallel for high flow rate requirements.

Our filter chambers can be manufactured from polypropylene, PVDF, CPVC or stainless steel. These high quality plastic materials are ideal for metal finishing and chemical processes. Whilst our stainless steel range of filter chambers are commonly supplied for use within the aerospace industry.

Our small filter chamber houses 1nos 10’’ filter cartridge and is perfect for PCB applications. Our large filter chamber housings will hold 18nos x 30’’ filter cartridges and can achieve flow rates up to 60,000 l/hr.

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