Vertical Sealless Pumps

  • Materials of construction: Polypropylene and PVDF
  • Flow rates ranging from 0 to 1830 l/min
  • Discharge pressures: 0 to 3.3 bar
  • Run dry capability
  • In or out of tank mounting
  • No mechanical seals or bearings

Empire’s range of Vertical Sealless Pumps are manufactured for use with many solution transfer and recirculation applications. Our EPV pump range can achieve flow rates from 0 to 1830 l/min and can achieve discharge pressures up to 3.3 bar.

The unique design of the pump gives the ability for the pump technology to be used with aggressive chemical applications. The pump shaft is concealed with an impeller shaft sleeve which is extended to the base of the pump impeller. The special design of the pump manufacture ensues no mechanical seals or bearings are used, this gives pump the capability to run dry without solution.

The Vertical Sealless Pump technology is widely recognised within the aerospace and automotive industries for the recirculation of hydrofluoric and nitric acid etch tanks. The pump is also commonly installed on fume scrubber towers, effluent treatment pits and neutralisation pits.

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