As part of our service and commitment to our existing and new customers. We are pleased to offer an equipment repair service at our headquarters in Manchester. Our aim is to ensure the equipment associated with your plant is maintained, serviced and trouble free, with minimum production interference.

Equipment can be returned to our facility and our skilled engineers will complete a technical evaluation. An engineering report will be completed detailing the reason of failure, replacement spare parts and will give the option of a new replacement. The evaluation and report are non-chargeable.

You will have the option to proceed with the repair, proceed with a new replacement or alternatively we can return the existing equipment. If the product needs to be scrapped, we will accommodate accordingly.

Once the repair is completed our service team will complete a flow and pressure test ensuring the product operates within the expected performance parameters. To assist with on-going support of the equipment we will issue a recommended spares list quotation with the equipment.

Our team are skilled in the repair of many alternative pump types and manufacturers. Alongside our repair service for Empire equipment, we can also give the same support for equipment which isn’t of Empire manufacture.

Alternative manufactured products which can be sent to Empire for review.

  • AOD Pumps – Wilden, Verder, Versamatic, Tapflo, Almatec, Dellmeco.
  • Drum Pumps – Lutz, Jabsco, Flux
  • Magnetic Coupled Pumps – Iwaki, CDR, Gemme Cotti
  • Filtration Systems – Hendor, Siebec
  • Multistage Pumps – Xylem, Lowara, Grundfos, Effaflu
  • Self Priming Pumps – Braude, Hydrovar
  • Vertical Sealless Pumps – Crest, HMD
  • Metering Pumps – Seko, Prominent, Milton Roy

A few examples of completed installations in different pipe materials are details below:

Please contact our sales office at 0161 637 3003 to request a site visit to review potential projects

Download Catalogue

Download Catalogue