Filtration Systems

  • Polypropylene, CPVC & PVDF
  • Flow rates 0 to 40,000 l/hr
  • Priming pot enabling prime at start up
  • Service friendly equipment for media changeouts
  • Drain valve for emptying solution prior to media removal
  • Pressure gauge and vent valve as standard
  • Diverse options of filter media and surface area
  • 4-pillared base giving easy access to the pump

Empire’s diverse range of filtration systems provide clean purification for many general metal finishing, PCB and aerospace related processes. The product range is specifically manufactured to operate with plating solutions such as nickel, zinc, chrome and copper plating. Our filtration technology is designed to achieve clean  purification of solutions within the aerospace and chemical industries including potassium permanganate, ardrox cleaners and hydrofluoric etch tanks.

Our comprehensive range includes filtration systems manufactured from polypropylene, CPVC, and PVDF materials. The various options of equipment materials enable the filtration systems to be used with alkaline or acid based solutions. Our PVDF products are ideal for high temperature process such as electroless nickel.

The filtration systems are manufactured with different options of filter media surface area. Our mini filtration system is fitted  with a 1 x 20’’ filter cartridge. Our large chambers house 18 x 30’’ filter cartridges and can achieve filtration system flow rates up to 40,000 l/hr.

Our unique design is manufactured with a priming point at the front of the filtration system aiding in the initial prime of the Sealless Magnetic Coupled Pump. The priming chamber gives the advantage of re-priming the pump after cartridge change-outs.

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