We are specialist manufacturers of chemical pumps, water pumps, filtration systems and heating technologies

Chemically resistant, high flow horizontal pumps with the option of integral flushing system

Filtration systems ideal for chemical, metal finishing and PCB industries. Filter cartridge, filter disk and filter bag systems available.

We offer a turnkey Installation package, our team are specialists in plastic PP, PVDF & CPVC welding.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

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Magnetic Coupled Pumps

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Drum Pumps

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Self Priming Pumps

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Vertical Sealless pump

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High Flow Mechanical Seal Pumps

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Filtration Systems

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Heat Exchangers

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UK Pump Manufacturers & Suppliers Specialising In Chemical Pumps, Filtration Systems and Heat Exchangers

Despite our corporate headquarters being based in Manchester UK, being a leading pump manufacturer we have a network of global partners and can distribute our pumps across the globe.

One of the only pump manufacturers in the UK, we have consistently expanded our product range over the years. From chemical pumps, to filtration systems, to electric immersion heaters, we are constantly designing and manufacturing more pumps, systems and heaters to add to our ever-growing product range. Our team of engineers have over 40 years of experience and at our Manchester HQ we have top engineering facilities, specialised flow and pressure test tank and stock for each of our chemical pumps, filtration and heat exchange products with spare parts. You can learn more about our history as Pump Manufacturers via our About Page.

Chemical Pumps

We provide a wide range of chemical pumps for clients across the UK and globe. From diaphragm pumps to electric drum pumps, we manufacture, design and distribute our pumps ourselves. We are one of the few pump manufacturers in the UK, so if you work with us, you are receiving the best service and chemical pumps available. Shop our full range of chemical pumps online now.

Filtration Systems & Filter Chambers

Like our chemical pumps, we design manufacture and distribute our filtration systems to clients across the UK and globe. We provide both filtration systems and filter chambers to clients, so whatever you need, we’ll be able to supply it. Have a look at our range of filtration systems and filter chambers now.

Heating Products

We supply a wide range of heating products for our UK and global clients. Ranging from immersion heaters to plastic heat exchangers, our heating products are all manufactured in the UK and are efficient and reliable. Shop our full range of heating products online now.

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